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Your Life Belongs to You. Take It Back.

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Our Approach

A unique combination of recovery services for the youth of Quebec City and environs.

Unlike most treatment programs, the FRP helps its clients by providing them with the skills and resources to overcome their substance abuse and to learn to deal with life on life’s terms, without turning to alcohol or drugs; all without removing them from their home and school environments.

Our Services

We offer many services that support three main areas of focus.


Recovery Services

The FRP offers several services to support clients on their recovery journey.

Awareness and Prevention

The FRP offers support to schools in the areas of awareness and intervention

Parent Support

The FRP supports parents with regular meetings to help them cope with their child’s substance abuse.

Success Stories

“The FRP saved my life.”

Reach Out

Contact Info

"As a result of the support inside and outside meetings we have seen our relationship with our child dramatically improve and we no longer dread returning home."

“For the first time I felt like someone believed in me.”

"It's nice to be home."

(arriving at the camp)


Fraser Recovery Program

675, Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Suite 300
Québec QC

G1S 3V8


Tel: 418-527-5858

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