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About Us

The Fraser Recovery Program (FRP) was unofficially created in the summer of 1990 and became a non-profit charitable corporation on September 12, 1996. Since its inception, it has been successful in helping close to 2,000 young people who struggle with alcohol and drug problems.

Our objective is to help them recognize that they have a problem, cease their abuse and become productive members of society.

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Our Approach

Unlike most treatment programs, the FRP helps its clients by providing them with the skills and resources to overcome their substance abuse and to learn to deal with life on life’s terms, without turning to alcohol or drugs; all without removing them from their home and school environments.

Together at the Top

Our Perspective on Addiction and Recovery

Substance use can quickly become substance abuse and eventually addiction. It becomes a reflexive way of coping and dealing with life’s difficulties and problems despite all the negative consequences which it brings. The substance becomes the centre of interest, replacing other occupations and activities. We believe that people have the potential and capacity to turn their lives around. With the necessary resources and support, the vicious cycle can be broken, leading to a change of attitude, behaviour and thinking.​

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Commitment to Clients

We respond quickly to anyone reaching out for help and offer a safe environment. We are wholeheartedly committed to helping those in need, responding to calls at any time of day or night, and ultimately saving lives. All our services are offered free of charge to participants

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The Camp

The FRP has received significant praise for many reasons, one of which is that we offer youth a temporary change of environment by taking them to our camp facility on weekends and holidays. 

There, they enjoy nature and are away from the daily temptations and stressors of city life.

Our Core Values



We use a team approach to build effective working relationships and strong partnerships between our staff, clients and the community at large.



We demonstrate compassion, understanding and empathy by being welcoming, tolerant, patient, accepting and non-judgemental.


We assume responsibility for our actions by being honest, transparent, ethical, trustworthy, respectful, reliable, and cautious in dealings with clients, staff, volunteers and members of the community.



We assure a safe and trusting environment by respecting the principle of confidentiality; information is not made available to anyone outside the team without prior consent, unless the law requires disclosure.



We are committed to being available to our clients 24/7 and providing high quality, personalized services to help them reach their full potential.


We are committed to the mission, spirit, and success of the Fraser Recovery Program. We demand high standards of professionalism of ourselves by continuously striving for improvement.

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