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In the Words of a Client

“The Fraser Recovery Program changed my life. I come from a fairly poor household with lots of substance abuse. Neither my parents, nor my three siblings graduated from high school. I entered the program when I was 13 years old. At the time I was already consuming alcohol on a regular basis and smoking weed every day, even experimenting with harder drugs, obviously failing almost all my classes. Not only did the Program help me get off drugs, but they also helped me get back on track with my education and mental health. They helped me to get a diagnosis for a learning disability; it had never been acknowledged and so that issue was addressed. They also offered me a study hall after school to help me with my homework. When I was 16, I was sleeping on my sister’s couch for over a year in an extremely toxic household. Thanks to Mr. Fraser and the people in the program, I was able to go into a foster home with amazing people who really showed me I could take another path in life. Now,I have graduated from college with a degree in Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention.I could never have done it without being a part of this amazing program.... I am so thankful....”

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